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Train with a coach trained in the Carlisle Performance Methodology
Maximum 4 athletes per session

Coach Carlisle has been employed by:

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Carlisle Performance
Business Owner
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Physical Preparation Coach, NFL Officials
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Purdue University
Former Director of Sports Performance
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San Francisco 49ers
Former Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
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Philadelphia Eagles
Former Speed Coach
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Penn State
Former Sprint & Jump Coach

Don't Just Compete On The Field... Excel!

High School Athletes

For High School Athletes who are seeking a Division-1 Athletic Scholarship to the school of their choice.
As both a Private Sports Performance Coach and Director of Speed, Strength & Conditioning at the prestigious Lawrenceville School, Coach Carlisle has helped more than 1000 athletes across 18+ sports to earn Division-1 scholarships.

Middle School Athletes

For 7th & 8th Grade Athletes who want to continue domination in their sport, and play early at the High School level.
Coach Carlisle has worked with thousands of Middle School Athletes, helping those who compete in individual sports to achieve national recognition… as well as helping all athletes to maximize their potential, regardless of athletic goals.
Please note that you MUST purchase and complete the Carlisle Athletic Profile (CAP) prior to enrolling in SPE.

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Maximum 4 Athletes Per Session | View SPE Calendar

Get Strong. Become Powerful. Be Explosive.

Rapidly Increase Your Strength, Explosiveness and Power On The Athletic Field

Our Strength, Power and Explosion will take you through the paces of our proprietary training systems that have turned average middle-school and high-school athletes into elite stars.

In fact, we’ve helped over 1,000 young athletes obtain Division 1 college scholarships!

If you’re committed to putting in the work and reaching your true genetic potential, we’re ready to help you achieve goals you never thought possible.

Dr. Devon Johnson


We started working with Dr. Johnson’s daughter when she was a middle school soccer player who wanted to improve her speed due to a lack of explosiveness on the soccer field. Through consistent attendance at training sessions, not only did she improve her speed, agility and quickness, she was also able to move up a level of playing competition within her club.

Watch the testimonial by clicking the screen.
Dr Devon Johnson

What to Expect During an SPE Training Session

Your program is individualized to your CAP needs and sport. You must have completed the CAP within the past 3 months prior to your first semi-private session.

Please note that you MUST purchase and complete the Carlisle Athletic Profile (CAP) prior to enrolling in SPE.

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Maximum 4 Athletes Per Session | View SPE Calendar

Train Like the Pros

Train at The Studio

San Jose, CA

There’s a reason why the top professional athletes across all sports come to Carlisle Performance Systems – we make them stronger, more powerful and more explosive, period.

And now you can take advantage of this same world-class training tailored specifically for you and your sport.

That means you can now train just like the pros do, to gain strength, become more explosive and powerful than your competition. We’ll give you an unfair advantage. 

Kayla Shimada

Program Graduate

Kayla is a basketball player who wanted to work on her first step quickness and lateral movement so that she could blow by defenders and keep offensive players in front of her. As a result of the athletic improvements she made in S.P.E., she had her best season ever.

Watch the testimonial by clicking the screen.
Testimonial - Kayla Shimada
Please note that you MUST purchase and complete the Carlisle Athletic Profile (CAP) prior to enrolling in SPE.

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Maximum 4 Athletes Per Session | View SPE Calendar

Have Questions? We Have Answers

Coach Carlisle will not be directly coaching you on the floor, however, you’ll be receiving some of the premier coaching in the Silicon Valley from each of the coaches at Carlisle Performance.

All our coaches are trained in the Carlisle Performance Metholodology.

YES! You can switch your classes by logging into your account on our website.

The capped athlete to coach ratio is one-to-four, though it is usually one-to-three.

Download the Carlisle Performance app from the App Store or Google Play and register with us using your email. You’ll be able to create profiles that are specific to each dependent you have and book for them individually. It is incredibly easy!

Yes. You will need to create a separate user account for each child. Book the class under your child’s email & name. Every class has to be booked into separately.

A minimum of 2 days per week will get them great results, though 3 days a week will yield optimum benefit. 1 day a week does yield results, but based on research, athletes will only begin to truly benefit from training with a minimum of 2 days of instruction per week.

Login to your Carlisle Performance account, and go to My Packages then it will show you total visits and used visits. If no package is listed, you will have to share the package from your childs account to your own. Contact us for additional help.

You have 2 hours prior to your training session. Otherwise the session will close.

Your sessions do not roll over unless you are on a 3-month subscription. Up to two unused sessions will rollover automatically. Otherwise, we do allow extensions if there are extenuating circumstances such as injury, but this is on a case-by-case basis and requires a note from a medical professional. The goal is to complete your sessions in the allotted time frame so you can get optimal results.

This will be managed on a case-by-case basis. Be aware that if you try to book a middle school child into a high school program or vice versa, the system will not allow this. Please call our studio to book to arrange this.

Sesssions are typically held on Mondays through Thursdays. Please check session availability in the SPE calendar here.

We are closed on Sundays.

Three months. You will be billed on the same day each month for 3 consecutive months.

It will start the day you purchase. You will be billed 2 more times after the date of purchase.

Have you purchased and completed the Carlisle Athletic Profile (CAP)?

You MUST purchase and complete the Carlisle Athletic Profile (CAP) prior to enrolling.