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You Are The Most Important Coach In your child's life

Learn How To Become Their Best Coach

You take your child to all of their tryouts. You take them to all of their practices. You take them to all of their games. You make their schedules. You try to choose the best coaches for them. You try to choose the best teams for them.

And you juggle all of this while also acting as their sports psychologist and trying to maintain their academics and nutrition too.

You may not realize this, but you are actually your child’s general manager.

And you’ve been doing it without any help, guidance or training. In other words, you’ve been winging it.

While you’ve been doing a great job acting as their “general manager”, you still have frustrations. Problems you can’t seem to solve. Recurring issues that keep popping up. And certain things you just don’t know the best way to handle.

In other words, you wish there was a way where you could help your child more.

Here’s the good news. Now there is.

Introducing The Nation's Premiere community for sport parents

discover the leading edge techniques to support your child's athletic growth while networking with other like-minded parents

The Sport Parents Forum from Carlisle Performance Systems is designed to do one thing; help you become a world-class coach for your own child. 

Inside the forum, you’ll learn how to become the best support system possible for your child, in all of the areas that will have the greatest impact on your child, like preventing and managing injuries, improving athletic skills, sharpening their mental game, creating healthy life habits, selecting the proper coaches and camps, positioning your child for college recruitment and much more.

You’ll not only receive expert instruction in all of these areas, but will also have the unique opportunity to communicate and network with other parents just like you, who are trying to help their children, but often feel overwhelmed.

The Sport Parents Forum is the place for you to learn how to become the best coach for your child, from the best experts in the world, while also being a safe place where you can find support and encouragement from other parents.

The Sport Parents forum Is Led by Legendary


Coach Carlisle is a Master Strength, Conditioning and Speed Coach whose training skills and techniques have been proven at the highest levels for over 25 years.

Coach Carlisle is the former Head Strength & Conditioning Coach of the San Francisco 49er’s. Former Director of Sports Performance at Purdue University. Former Speed Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Former Speed Development Coordinator of the Tampa Bay Rays. Former Sprint and Jump Coach at Penn State University. Former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at the prestigious Lawrenceville School in New Jersey.  The current Physical Preparation Consultant for NFL Officials. A featured speaker at training conferences world-wide. And has helped over 1,000 youth athletes obtain Division 1 college scholarships.

Speed Training

But more importantly, Coach Carlisle has coached three of his own children into
achieving Division 1 college athletic scholarships.

For you that means you are not only getting unparalleled accessing to coaching and training techniques that have been proven at every level, but from someone who has faced and overcome all of the same challenges you are experiencing as a parent.

How the Sport Parents Forum Works

The Sport Parents Forum from Carlisle Performance Systems is a private, online community with every resource you will need for becoming a world-class coach for your child.

The community contains live and pre-recorded events and training, interviews with leading experts in child athletic performance, interviews with current college athletes about the skills needed to reach the next level, helpful resources to provide fast solutions to your problems, live chat with other parents and much more.

Each and every month, Coach Carlisle conducts brand new events and training, answers questions from parents, posts new cutting-edge resources and conducts new interviews with leading experts.

In other words, The Sport Parents Forum isn’t an “online course”. Rather, it’s an organic community that continues to grow and provide you with the tools you need to help your child achieve their athletic goals, month after month.

Here’s a closer look at what you’ll discover inside the Sport Parents Forum:


No one wants to see their child get injured. And while injuries are not completely avoidable, they can be minimized. And that’s what you’re going to learn…the techniques and modalities you can train at home to help minimize your child’s risk of injury.

But what should you do if an injury does happen?. Where should you go? Who should you see? Should your child play through the injury? These are all important topics that Coach Carlisle and his experts with address in depth, as well as giving you specific game plans to follow.

What if your child is already dealing with an existing injury? It’s critical with youth athletes that existing injuries be rehabbed following sports specific protocols. You’ll learn these exact protocols inside of the Parent Sports. Forum and much more.

Coach Carlisle has helped over 1,000 student athletes obtain Division 1 college athletic scholarships…including three of his own children! 

He knows what it takes to be a successful athlete at all levels and the information you will receive on this topic will be priceless. That’s another way of saying that you will not find this insider information anywhere else

From how to get on the radar of college coaches, to what to say (and not say) during meetings with scouts and coaches, to how to train for moving up to the next level and more, you’ll learn everything you need to know for your child obtaining a college athletic scholarship.

College Recruitment

Training vs. Playing

Kids play sports too much and don’t train for their sports enough. This leads to injury, burn out and bad attitudes.

But what is the proper balance between playing sports and training for sports? That’s what this part of the community is all about…keeping your child healthy, motivated and continually improving in their sport.

Coach Carlisle and his experts will be sharing the latest, data-backed regiments, protocols and schedules your child should be following when it comes to training vs. playing. 

This is a real eye-opener for most parents that can greatly reduce stress in the family, while dramatically improving your child’s athletic performance.

Life and nutrition habits aren’t about positive thinking and taking the latest supplements.

If you want your child to succeed athletically, you need to understand what fuel needs to go into your child’s body, when and what they need to eat before a competition and what surprising food and drinks to avoid.

In addition, your child also has be be trained mentally, to address limiting beliefs, quickly dealing with stress and building the mental resiliency that athletes need.

These are all of the things and more than Coach Carlisle and his experts will be training you to master, in detail, so you can help give your child a competitive advantage on the court or field.

Life and Nutritional Habits

Camps and Coaches

There is no shortage when it comes to camps and coaches that your child can train at or under.

But how do you know which camp is best for your child and how can you tell if a coach is right for your child? This is where you get to tap into Coach Carlisles 25+ years in the industry, where he’ll share his knowledge on what to look for, what to look out for and where to find the best coaches and camps for your child.

For you this means that you’re going to learn how to locate, identify and get your child signed-up with the perfect camp or coach…both for your child’s particular sport and their unique athletic goals.

With over 25 years as a leading expert in the athletic performance and coaching industry, Coach Carlisle has made a lot of influential friends.

And this is where you get to tap into his inner circle, where Coach Carlisle will interview leading industry experts in multiple areas of youth athletic performance, nutrition and conditioning.

In addition, Coach Carlisle will also be interviewing current college athletes, so you and your child can get the unfiltered truth on what the transition is like from youth to collegiate sports, as well as tips and techniques for making the jump as successful as possible.

Expert Interviews

Community of Like-Minded Parents

When you’re the parent of a youth athlete who wants to get their child to the next level, it can often feel like you’re alone. 

Sure, you’re surrounded by other parents at practices or games, but most of them are uninterested in helping their children achieve maximum success. Or worse yet, look down on you for wanting your child to achieve maximum athletic success.

But inside the Sport Parents Forum, you’ll get to meet, communicate and network with other parents just like you…parents who want to become the best coach for their child, so their child can achieve their athletic goals and dreams.

The Sport Parents Forum will be your safe place, free from all of the drama and politicking that goes on with youth sports today…where you can focus, learn and grow with other parents who share the same beliefs and goals as you.

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But I Don't Have The Time For This!

We get it. You spend your days and night working, taking care of your home, preparing meals, driving your kids back and forth to training, tryouts, games and practices…and a lot more.

That’s why the Sport Parent Forum has been designed for you to be able to access on-demand, 24/7, on your own time and schedule.

While Coach Carlisle will be conducting training and events live, all of these sessions will be recorded, available for you to watch at your convenience, from your smartphone, laptop or any device you prefer.

For you that means you can start becoming a world-class coach for your child today, without having to block out new time in your schedule, cancel other commitments or add yet another thing to your to-do list.

You can access the community whenever you’d like. You can learn at your own pace. And you can do it anytime day or night.

So if you’re ready to become the best coach for your child and help them achieve their athletic goals in ways you never thought possible, join the Sport Parents Forum below right now.

We can’t wait to see you inside!

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Your investment in the Sport Parents Forum is just $59 a month.

For just $59 each month, you get events and training, access to exclusive interviews with leading experts, interviews with current college athletes, exclusive resources and the opportunity to network and learn with other like-minded parents. Recordings of all events, trainings and interviews will be available for you to access on-demand and you may cancel your membership at any time.

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