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Improve Your Speed By At Least
.20 Tenths of a Second
In Just 4 Weeks Guaranteed

Youth (Gr. 2-5) sessions are held Saturdays at 10am
Middle School (Gr. 6-8) sessions are held Saturdays at 10am
High School (Gr. 9-12) sessions are held Saturdays at 11am

Coach Carlisle has been employed by:

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Carlisle Performance
Business Owner
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Physical Preparation Coach, NFL Officials
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Purdue University
Former Director of Sports Performance
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San Francisco 49ers
Former Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
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Philadelphia Eagles
Former Speed Coach
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Penn State
Former Sprint & Jump Coach

Improve Your Game Speed.
Reach Your Genetic Potential.

Get Lightning Fast.

Join us at King's Academy IN SUNNYVALE, CA!

If you’re a middle-school or high-school athlete who wants dramatically increase your speed and become faster than your competition, our F.A.S.T. School is perfect for you.

Our Functional Athletic Speed Training (F.A.S.T) School is guaranteed to improve your acceleration, change of direction, lateral speed, top-end speed and game speed.

Developed by world-renowned athletic coach Duane Carlisle, the former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the San Francisco 49er’s, former Speed Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Rays and Jump and Sprint Coach at Penn State University among numerous other accolades, F.A.S.T School will have you achieving performance levels you never thought possible.

Madelyn Quinol-Webster

Athletic Director, Notre-Dame Elementary
Madelyn brought her son, a baseball player, to F.A.S.T. School to help him improve his straight-line speed, lateral movement and agility. He significantly reduced his time, which inspired her as an athletic director to create a custom program to support her students to improve their own athletic development through F.A.S.T. School.
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Madelyn Quinol Webster Testimonial

Join F.A.S.T. School

Youth (Gr. 2-5) sessions are held Saturdays at 10am
Middle School (Gr. 6-8) sessions are held Saturdays at 10am
High School (Gr. 9-12) sessions are held Saturdays at 11am

Rapidly Increase Your

Top-End Speed, Explosiveness and Acceleration

Our F.A.S.T School will take you through the paces of our proprietary speed training systems that have turned average middle-school and high-school athletes into speed demons.

In fact, we’ve helped over 1,000 young athletes obtain Division 1 college scholarships!

If you’re committed to putting in the work and reaching your true genetic potential, we’re ready to help you achieve goals you never thought possible.

Train Like The Pros

Guaranteed To Make You Faster In Any Sport

There’s a reason why the top professional athletes across all sports come to Carlisle Performance Systems – we make them faster, period.

And now you can take advantage of this same world-class training, either in-person or in the comfort of your own home.

That means you can now train just like the pros do, to increase your game speed, become more explosive and become faster than your competition. Speed kills and we’ll give you that speed. 


The Best Speed Training

System In America For Over 25 Years and Counting

For over 25 years, the training systems you’ll get inside of F.A.S.T School have been used world-wide to significantly increase the speed in over 25,000 athletes.

We’re the real deal. Our results are proven and speak for themselves. We’re not the latest social media influencer selling empty promises through misleading advertising.

We’ll make you faster. We guarantee it. And we can do this because our world-renowned speed training techniques have been proven year after year through the performance of top professional and collegiate athletes (you know, the ones you watch on TV).

Unparalleled Coaching

Increase Athletic Speed, Any Age and Any Sport

It doesn’t matter if you’re 10 years-old, in middle-school or high-school. It doesn’t matter if you run track, play football, baseball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse or any other sport. We will improve your speed and performance, period.

All of the coaches are Carlisle Performance Systems undergo intense, on-going training certification and have been directly trained and mentored by Duane Carlisle, a nationally recognized personal trainer & Master Strength and Conditioning Coach.

In other words, you’re in good hands with us.

Dr Devon Johnson

Dr. Devon Johnson

We started working with Dr. Johnson’s daughter when she was a middle school soccer player who wanted to improve her speed due to a lack of explosiveness on the soccer field. Through consistent attendance at training sessions, not only did she improve her speed, agility and quickness, she was also able to move up a level of playing competition within her club.
Watch the testimonial by clicking the screen.

We Teach You The

Secrets of Speed

Our F.A.S.T School is designed to address four main areas athletic performance – acceleration, top-end speed, change of direction and game speed. You know, the things that make you blow past your competition.

The program is 4 weeks long, with one training session each week. Additional “training homework” will be provided to you, which you will required to complete between each session. 

Here’s a closer look at how we’ll make you lightning fast:

Acceleration Emphasis

Were you once the fastest person on your team, but now it seems like everyone is blowing by you?

Does it always seem like you’re just a split second away from scoring so many more points?

We’re going to fix those things for you and many more during Acceleration Emphasis, where we will train you step-by-step to become lightning fast from a dead-stop, gain steps on your competition and explode out of the gate faster than you ever thought possible.

For you this means you can stop worrying about anyone running past you anymore, because they won’t be able to.

Acceleration and Deceleration

Acceleration and Deceleration

Do you feel like your competition can stop and start faster than you?

Does it seem like other athletes run past you every time you have to slow down and speed up on the athletic field?

We’re going to focus specifically on improving your acceleration and deceleration speed. These movements are common to all sports and are often the difference between an athlete who “makes plays” and one who “gets beat”.

It’s simple. We’re going to transform you into the athlete who “makes plays”. And we’re going to do it by transforming your deceleration and re-acceleration speed in a single training session!

Multi-Directional Acceleration

Do you feel like you lack quickness when moving forward, backwards or side to side?

Do you feel like other athletes are always a step ahead of you whenever you have to accelerate in a different direction?

We’re going to fix that by dramatically improving your multi-directional acceleration, so you can always be a step ahead of your competition instead of a step behind.

The bottom line for you is that you’ll be gaining speed in the base movements that translate into speed for all of the movements that you perform on the athletic field.

Multi-Directional Acceleration

Bonus Take-Home Program

Because F.A.S.T. School Doesn't Stop on The Field.

When you join F.A.S.T. School, you’ll also get a bonus take-home program for the month that supports the skills taught during each week of the in-person program.

Access the take-home drills anytime through the Carlisle Performance mobile app and refine your skills.

Bonus Take-Home

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to join our list of illustrious alumni

Sunil Parekh


Sunil wanted to give his son, a football player, the skills to improve his fundamental movement skills at a young age. We’ve now worked with his son for more than a year and in that time we’ve seen an improvement in his running technique, his footwork and his agility.
Watch the testimonial by clicking the screen.
Sunil Parekh Testimonial

Join F.A.S.T. School

Youth (Gr. 2-5) sessions are held Saturdays at 10am
Middle School (Gr. 6-8) sessions are held Saturdays at 10am
High School (Gr. 9-12) sessions are held Saturdays at 11am

We've Helped Over 1,000 Athletes Gain

Division 1 College Scholarships

Will You Be Next?

When it comes to any sport, the one common factor that separates elite athletes from everyone else is speed. Every coach covets it in an athlete and every competitor fears it.

If you would like to be invited to join elite teams, if you would like to be a standout performer on an elite team, if you would like to receive letters and visits from college coaches and if you would like to feel the supreme confidence that comes with knowing that you can run, move and perform faster than everyone else, then you need to train for speed in your sport.

And this is exactly what our F.A.S.T School will train you for. Speed.

Better yet, we’re going to make you significantly faster in just 4 weeks. At least .20 tenths of a second or more, guaranteed.

It all starts with one decision from you. The decision to join F.A.S.T School.

It’s a decision that can completely transform your performance on the field…AND YOUR VERY FUTURE! Start your transformation below.


Coach Duane Carlisle

Ready to Get Lightning Fast?

Have Questions? We Have Answers

F.A.S.T. School Intro is an Introductory movement program. Everyone who attends F.A.S.T school for the first time will have to go through an Intro session unless you receive approval by Coach Carlisle. 

Individuals who have been through a previous F.A.S.T school can enroll into an Advanced session.

We do have trial sessions but only the first Saturday of each month.

The FAST SCHOOL program will be held at THE KING’S ACADEMY SOFTBALL FIELD. The address is 790 E. Duane, Sunnyvale, CA. The entrance into the school is located at Rainbow Montessori Child Development Center.


Upon entering the school, drive 500 feet, and the field will be directly in front of you; however, to enter the Softball field follow the one-way entrance until you reach the gate to enter the area.


The class will be conducted on field #1, the softball field located next to the baseball field. We gather at the back end of the softball field near the townhomes.

Because F.A.S.T. School sessions are held on turf, we recommend wearing any type of athletic cleats (soccer, football, baseball, etc.)

Book your sessions through the Carlisle Performance App or through the web portal by logging into your account (top right of this screen).

The capped coach to athlete ratio is 1:6.

If there is inclement weather, you’ll receive notification via our app (be sure to have notifications turned on!) within 12 hours of your F.A.S.T. School session. Coach Carlisle will send out notice if the session is cancelled or relocated to the alternate location (Carlisle Performance Center located at 1373 S. Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95128).

At our Carlisle Performance Studio in San Jose, the programs are focused on developing strength, power, flexibility, mobility, short area quickness and ultimately improving ability to move from point A to point B. The coach to athlete ratio is at most one to four which allows for individual attention while working with our state-of-the-art equipment.

At Kings Academy, we have 4,000 square yards of turf to operate our F.A.S.T. speed school (Functional Athletic Speed Training) programs. As the name implies, those programs are speed intensive, working on linear speed, long speed, top speed, and multi-directional movement with the goal of improving overall game speed. Kings Academy is also where we conduct our assessments.

Currently the program times for Kings Academy are limited.

Download the Carlisle Performance app from the App Store or Google Play and register with us using your email. You’ll be able to create profiles that are specific to each dependent you have and book for them individually. It is incredibly easy!

Coach Carlisle hasn’t just coached athletes at all levels (from youth to professional), he’s also coached thousands of coaches at those levels.

No matter if Coach Carlisle is present at your training session, you’ll be receiving some of the premier coaching in the Silicon Valley from each of the coaches at Carlisle Performance.

Yes. You will need to create a separate user account for each child. Book the class under your child’s email & name. Every class has to be booked into separately.

For extenuating circumstances (such as injury, which still needs to be discussed with coach for obvious reasons) yes. Otherwise, no.

A minimum of 2 days per week will get them great results, though 3 days a week will yield optimum benefit. 1 day a week does yield results, but based on research, athletes will only begin to truly benefit from training with a minimum of 2 days of instruction per week.

For an additional fee, we can provide take-home workouts which are conveniently accessible online.

Login to your Carlisle Performance account, and go to My Packages then it will show you total visits and used visits. If no package is listed, you will have to share the package from your childs account to your own. Contact us for additional help.