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The Carlisle Performance Systems Speed Profile was developed by Master Strength and Conditioning Coach Duane Carlisle, in conjunction with leading PhDs in kinesiology and exercise physiology.

The Speed Profile scientifically identifies the weaknesses, imbalances and deficiencies in an athletes movements that negatively impact speed. Data points are then created that allow our coaches to target, train and track these weaknesses throughout the program. 

All athletes are required to complete our Speed Profile prior to attending F.A.S.T School!

Our Cutting-Edge Science

Makes You Faster

You have a lot of choices when it comes to speed training, whether it be from your local school, coaches in your sport, online or in local gyms.

But our cutting-edge Speed Profile is the only system in the world that combines decades of experience in training elite athletes, along with science backed algorithms, to develop personalized plans for making your unique body move faster.

It's Like SAT Prep

For Speed

Just like you wouldn’t take the SAT without first identifying and addressing your weaknesses, you should never take any type of speed training without knowing where you body has performance deficiencies first.

And that’s exactly what our Speed Profile does, it allows our coaches to identify and address your weaknesses, so you can become as fast as genetically possible, in the shortest amount of time possible, while attending F.A.S.T School.

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Your investment in our proprietary Speed Profile is $99.

You MUST complete our Speed Profile before you can begin attending F.A.S.T School. 

Our Speed Profile is only available on the first Saturday of the month.

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Have Questions? We Have Answers

The Speed Profile is an assessment that we conduct to determine whether you need more acceleration, top-end speed or if you are balanced. 

You can expect to run a 20, 30, or 40 yard dash depending on your sport. You will do a change of direction test, 5-10-5 test. A 5-10-5 will measure left side versus right side. We will also measure technique and body position

It matters because this assessment allows us to tailor a specific program targeted to improve the fundamental aspects of movement for each individual.

The King’s Academy – E.790 Duane, Sunnyvale, CA

The first Saturday of each month. Times will be 10am and 11am.

Please wear comfortable athletic apparel and comfortable shoes. Please bring plenty of water.

These sessions are held on turf, we recommend wearing any type of athletic cleats (soccer, football, baseball, etc.)

Download the Carlisle Performance app from the App Store or Google Play and register with us using your email. You’ll be able to create profiles that are specific to each dependent you have and purchase packages for them individually. It is incredibly easy!

If there is inclement weather, you’ll receive notification via our app (be sure to have notifications turned on!) within 12 hours of your session. Coach Carlisle will send out notice if the session is cancelled or relocated to the alternate location (Carlisle Performance Center located at 1373 S. Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95128).