Strength, Power, Explosion

2 days per week

Program Enrollment Details


Strength, Power, Explosion (SPE) has open enrollment so you are able to join anytime, however each session is limited to a maximum of 5 athletes per training session, which are booked on a first come, first served basis.

SPE is a 2 day per week commitment.

You can rollover up to 2 sessions each month to the following month.

Want to take SPE and F.A.S.T. School? Book a combination program.

Program Fees

Please note that you MUST purchase and complete the Carlisle Athletic Profile (CAP) prior to enrolling in SPE.

When & Where is SPE?

The SPE program is done in-person at our San Jose, California studio, and it’s custom-tailored specifically for you and your sport and our world-class coaches ensure that you will accomplish your athletic performance goals.

Your available training schedule will depend on your grade level.

Training Session Schedule

These are the upcoming Strength, Power, Explosion sessions.
If you are interested to enroll in Strength, Power, Explosion, you can do so here.

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F.A.S.T. School Sessions take place at The King’s Academy Softball Field at ​790 E. Duane, Sunnyvale, CA​