Personal Training:
Competitive Athlete

Program Enrollment Details

All competitive athletes are required to complete our Carlisle Athletic Assessment (CAP) assessment prior to entering into a personal training program. Your investment in our proprietary Carlisle Athletic Profile (CAP) is $150.

We scientifically assess your body, how it moves, its composition and its weaknesses, after which we will custom design a personal training plan specifically for your body and your athletic goals.

After you have completed your CAP, our elite coaching staff will work with you one-on-one to develop a customized 4-week personal training program. We will also make recommendations on how often and how long your personal training should be.

For more information about Personal Training sessions with Coach Duane Carlisle, learn more about High Performance Coaching here.

Please note that you MUST purchase and complete the Carlisle Athletic Profile (CAP) prior to enrolling in a Personal Training package.

When & Where is Personal Training Held?

Personal Training is done in-person at our San Jose, California studio or at our outdoor Speed Training Facility at King’s Academy in Sunnyvale, California.

Training Dates and Times

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Coach Yimi

Single sessions available for $135

Or, contact us at 650.537.9855 or via email at
F.A.S.T. School Sessions take place at The King’s Academy Softball Field at ​790 E. Duane, Sunnyvale, CA​