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Scientifically Identify your jump weaknesses with our

Proprietary jump profile

It's The Cheat Code For Explosive, High Jumping

The Jump Profile was developed by Master Strength and Conditioning Coach Duane Carlisle, in conjunction with leading PhDs in kinesiology and exercise physiology.

The Jump Profile scientifically identifies the type of jumper you are, your weaknesses, your imbalances, your deficiencies and your current jump power relative to your standing reach height. These are the factors that are negatively impacting your jumping ability. Data points are then created that allow our coaches to target, train and track these weaknesses throughout the program, turning them from negatives into positives. 

* Our Jump Profile is required by athletes before attending our Flight School!

Our Cutting-Edge Science

Makes You Jump Higher

Our cutting-edge Jump Profile is the only system in the world that combines decades of experience in training elite athletes, along with science backed algorithms, to develop personalized plans for making your unique body achieve it’s genetic potential.

Our state-of-the-art technology utilizes force plates, jump analyzers and body composition scanners to clearly identify the jump physiology for your body and prescribe the optimal jump training for you.

For you that means there’s no guessing at what might make you jump higher or training that could lead to injury. You are getting leading-edge jump science tailored to your unique body.

Individual Jump Programs For

Custom Designed For You

No two athletes are alike and no two sports are alike. So why would you take generalized, one-size-fits all or team-based jump training meant for anyone?

Your Jump Profile will allow our acclaimed coaches to develop the perfect jump training program for the unique composition of your body. And for your specific sport.

For you that means you will can achieve dramatic improvements in your jumping ability, in the shortest amount of time possible.

We Assess

We Don't Guess

The Jump Profile you will receive has been developed over decades by Duane Carlisle, a Master Strength and Conditioning coach who has spent a career working with the very athletes you watch perform on TV every week.

Coach Carlisle has worked in conjunction with leading university PhDs is developing the proprietary algorithms used in the Jump Profile, turning jump performance into a science.

We’re not going to guess at what will make you jump higher. We’ll use data points that are continually tracked, re-assessed and adjusted in your training, so your jumping ability can improve rapidly.

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Your investment in our proprietary Jump Profile is $99.

A Jump Profile is required if you plan to attend our renowned Flight School.

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Have Questions? We Have Answers

The Jump Profile is an assessment that we use to measure jump performance. You will do force plate testing, vertical and approach jump measures. Then we will plug in those values into our algorithm, which will identify exactly what you need to work on to improve your jumping ability.

This is a one hour long assessment. You can expect to receive your results within 48 hours.

It matters because what you measure improves. By measuring your performance, we will then get an accurate assessment of where you are and use it as a gauge to measure your improvement down the road.

1373 S. Bascom Ave. San Jose CA. A CP team member will meet with you in the lobby.

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 p.m.

Please wear comfortable athletic apparel and comfortable shoes. Please bring plenty of water.

Take-home programs are program specific. Certain month-to-month programs do not include take-homes.

Yes, masks are still required in our studio as it’s in a medical facility. Outside and at King’s Academy, masks are not required. We will update our guidelines as per state and local requirements as needed.

You have 2 hours prior to your training session. Otherwise the session will close.

Download the Carlisle Performance app from the App Store or Google Play and register with us using your email. You’ll be able to create profiles that are specific to each dependent you have and purchase packages for them individually. It is incredibly easy!