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Coach Carlisle has been employed by:

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Physical Preparation Coach, NFL Officials
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Purdue University
Former Director of Sports Performance
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San Francisco 49ers
Former Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
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Tampa Bay Rays
Former Speed Development Coordinator
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Philadelphia Eagles
Former Speed Coach
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Penn State
Former Sprint & Jump Coach

Work one-on-one with coach carlisle to

Transform Your Athletic Performance

The purpose of this program is to help you elevate your athletic performance.

It’s my job to commit my expertise to make you the best athlete you can be.

I will create a training program that focuses on you and your athletic performance needs. I will be All In, to help you Go All Out.

Don't Take My Word For It

Here's What Other's Have To Say...

"Coach Carlisle offers deep knowledge of the sports and athletic training fields, combined with keeping up to date and leveraging cutting edge techniques and technology while delivering his instructions with passion and incredible energy - no matter what the sport. Our kids are soccer, hockey and lacrosse players and after working with Coach Carlisle, all three kids saw material improvements in their speed, agility and overall athletic performance - and they also gained significant confidence on the playing field - and had tons of fun in the process. Quite simply Coach Carlisle is the best at what he does because he thoroughly enjoys working with kids, his passion and energy are infectious and truly cares about each athlete he works with."
From the Parent’s of Ana Schremp
Colgate University Soccer player
"As a Sophomore in High School, Elle started training with Coach Duane Carlisle to better prepare for D1 soccer in the ACC at Duke. We noticed dramatic improvements in her running technique, gate and quickness right away. There is no doubt his consistent training has increased her speed, quickness, and acceleration on the field."
Heath Piper, Father of Elle Piper
Bay Area Surf - 3X National Champions (2004 age group)


How I Will Transform You As An Athlete

Never Miss A Training Session Again

In Person Training

Remote Training

On demand Training

High Performance Coaching On Demand
High Performance Coaching Carlisle Athletic Profile

Program Design

Scientifically Engineered To Achieve Your Genetic Potential

Your program will be based on the Carlisle Athletic Profile, (CAP) which will address your individual and sport needs.

Whether you’re training In-Person, Remotely, or through the App, your program will be integrated to ensure that you reach your goals. That is, no matter your location of training, the effectiveness of your program will be seamless and workouts will build on each other.

World-Class Coaching

Specific To Your Sport and INdividual Needs

Your goals are my goals. I’ll bring my 25+ years of coaching experience, at every level, to every training session.

You will get the most out of every training session.

I will coach detail and execution to make sure that whatever exercise is presented to you, you will gain the most benefit from that exercise.

High Performance Coach Duane Carlisle San Jose
High Performance Coaching 24/7 San Jose



If you’re not available to make an in-person or remote training session, your training plan will be available to you in the App.

You will be able to access that at any time, and the program will be integrated with our overarching plan to help improve your athletic performance.

Return To Play

Post-Injury Re-Conditioning

Are you coming off of an injury? I have a level of expertise to help identify any lingering effects that you may have after an injury.

My Return-to-Play plan helps you to recondition and improve your overall performance to be better than you were prior to injury.

High Performance Coaching For Injury Rehabilitation

Priority Scheduling

In-Person and remote training

You will get priority scheduling Monday through Friday, between the hours of 3pm – 8 pm.

We will speak at the beginning of the week and arrive at a time which works for both of us. This ensures that you secure your training spot during those times.

Occasionally, training slots are available on the weekend.


Weekly Motivational Messages

You’ll receive a motivational message at the beginning of the week that supports our overall objective.

My goal is to partner with you and to help elevate your performance.

Elite Performance Package

High Performance Coaching Packages

30 Minute Home Gym Consultation (One-Time)

You will receive a 30-minute home gym consultation. I will assess your space and exercise equipment needs based on our train plan. From the assessment, I will design a gym floor plan and an equipment purchase list.

Long-Term Athletic Development Session (One-Time)

The Long-Term Athletic Development strategy session is a 30-minute session that provides guidance on the various athletic capacity traits your child needs to focus on based on age, gender, and athletic aspirations.

College Recruitment Network Support (One-Time)

Throughout my years of coaching, I have developed relationships with many college sport coaches. Because of this network, I am available to provide recommendations regarding how to contact coaches and strategies to successfully navigate the recruiting process.

Program Benefit Summary

Terms: All plans are month-to-month. Training sessions happen on a weekly basis and are available in-person, remote via Zoom or online via the app. Training sessions do not roll over to subsequent months.

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Average session cost is $250 per session with a minimum 3 month commitment of 1-2 sessions per week.

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