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F.A.S.T. School Fundamentals is the Speed Training Blueprint for Personal Trainers, Speed Coaches, Strength & Conditioning Coaches and Passionate Parents.

What do you get when you blend Dr. Ken Clark's rigorous scientific approach with Coach Duane Carlisle's unmatched practical experience?

You get a game-changing approach to providing Functional Athletic Speed Training that enables Speed Coaches, Personal Trainers, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, and enthusiastic parents to create athletic champions.

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Mario Mascioli

What our Students Say...

“F.A.S.T. School Fundamentals is fantastic. Everything you want in a continuing education course: You get the research and science behind speed and agility followed by the practical application, all delivered to you in a very sequential and organized fashion.

With this content, I feel coaches Ken Clark and Duane Carlisle make it easy for coaches to start effective speed and agility programs or to enhance their current systems. I’m excited to implement what I have learned and already have while taking the course. I highly recommend!”

Mario Mascioli, ATC, CSCS
Mass Movement Sports Performance & Recovery


Together, we are thrilled to share our insights, experiences, and techniques with you.

Dr. Ken Clark

Renowned for his expertise in the science of speed, Dr. Clark brings a wealth of knowledge from years of research and practical experience. He has a knack for making complex concepts digestible and actionable, ensuring you get the most out of every moment.

Coach Duane Carlisle

With a rich history in training elite athletes, Coach Carlisle’s hands-on methodologies are the gold standard in the industry. His insights into real-world training are second to none, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

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