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Jump Higher Than

you ever thought possible

With Our Acclaimed Flight School

If you’re a middle-school or high-school athlete who wants dramatically increase your jumping ability in sports, whether it be to dunk a basketball, block shots in volleyball or to simply perform better on the court or field, then our Flight School is perfect for you.

Our Flight School is guaranteed to improve your jumping height, speed and explosion regardless of your age, gender or sport.

Developed by world-renowned athletic coach Duane Carlisle, the former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the San Francisco 49er’s, former Speed Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Rays and Jump and Sprint Coach at Penn State University among numerous other accolades, our Flight School will have you jumping to heights you never thought possible.

Carlisle Performance Athlete Results

Rapidly Increase Your

Jump Height, Distance and Explosivness

Our Flight School will take you through the paces of our proprietary jump training systems that have turned average middle-school and high-school athletes into head-turning jumpers.

In fact, we’ve helped over 1,000 young athletes obtain Division 1 college scholarships!

If you’re committed to putting in the work and reaching your true genetic potential, we’re ready to help you dramatically improve your jumping ability in the shortest amount of time possibe.

Train Like The Pros

Guaranteed To Make You jump higher in any sport

There’s a reason why the top professional athletes across all sports come to Carlisle Performance Systems – we make them jump higher, period.

And now you can take advantage of this same world-class training tailored specifically for you and your sport.

That means you can now train just like the pros do, to jump higher and farther than your competition. We’ll give you an unfair advantage. 


The Best of The Best

Our Flight School Has Been The Best In America For Over 25 Years and Counting

For over 25 years, the training systems you’ll get inside of Flight School have been used world-wide to significantly increase the jumping performance in over 25,000 athletes.

We’re the real deal. Our results are proven and speak for themselves. We’re not the latest social media influencer selling empty promises through misleading advertising.

We’ll make you jump higher. We guarantee it. And we can do this because our world-renowned jump training techniques have been proven year after year through the performance of top professional and collegiate athletes (you know, the ones you watch on TV).

Unparalleled Coaching

Jump higher regardless of Age, Gender or Sport

It doesn’t matter if you’re 10 years-old, in middle-school or high-school. It doesn’t matter if you play basketball, volleyball, do track and field or any other sport. We will improve your jumping ability in ways you could never imagine.

All of the coaches at Carlisle Performance Systems undergo intense, on-going training, in-house certification and have been directly trained and mentored by Duane Carlisle, a nationally recognized personal trainer & Master Strength and Conditioning Coach.

In other words, you’re in good hands with us.

How Does Our Flight School Work?

It All Starts With Our Proprietary


The Jump Profile was developed by Master Strength and Conditioning Coach Duane Carlisle, in conjunction with leading PhDs in kinesiology and exercise physiology.

The Jump Profile scientifically identifies the type of jumper you are, your weaknesses, your imbalances, your deficiencies and your current jump power relative to your standing reach height. These are the factors that are negatively impacting your jumping ability. Data points are then created that allow our coaches to target, train and track these weaknesses throughout the program, turning them from negatives into positives. 

All athletes are required to complete our Jump Profile prior to attending Flight School!

The Jump Profile is paramount to your success in Flight School and is not available in any other program, any where else in the world.

Our Cutting-Edge Science

Makes You Jump Higher

Our cutting-edge Jump Profile is the only system in the world that combines decades of experience in training elite athletes, along with science backed algorithms, to develop personalized plans for making your unique body achieve it’s genetic potential.

Our state-of-the-art technology utilizes force plates, jump analyzers and body composition scanners to clearly identify the jump physiology for your body and prescribe the optimal jump training for you.

For you that means there’s no guessing at what might make you jump higher or training that could lead to injury. You are getting leading-edge jump science tailored to your unique body.

Individual Jump Programs For

Your Individual Sport

No two athletes are alike and no two sports are alike. So why would you take generalized, one-size-fits all or team-based jump training meant for anyone?

Your Jump Profile will allow our acclaimed coaches to develop the perfect jump training program for the unique composition of your body. And for your specific sport.

For you that means you will can achieve dramatic improvements in your jumping ability, in the shortest amount of time possible.

We Assess

We Don't Guess

The Jump Profile you will receive has been developed over decades by Duane Carlisle, a Master Strength and Conditioning coach who has spent a career working with the very athletes you watch perform on TV every week.

Coach Carlisle has worked in conjunction with leading university PhDs is developing the proprietary algorithms used in the Jump Profile, turning jump performance into a science.

We’re not going to guess at what will make you jump higher. We’ll use data points that are continually tracked, re-assessed and adjusted in your training, so your jumping ability can improve rapidly.

Next We'll Teach You The Secrets to

jumping higher than You Ever Thought Possible

After you have completed your Jump Profile, you can begin attending Flight School (please note that the Jump Profile counts as your first session in the school).

Our Flight School is designed to address three main areas jump performance – technique, explosiveness and height. When it comes to jumping in any sport, those are the areas that will separate you from someone just struggling to compete…to someone who excels in their sport.

Two training sessions a week is all it takes. After taking your Jump Profile, we will recommend how many weeks your training program should be, but regardless, training just 2 days a week in our system is all you need.

Here’s a closer look at how we’ll make you jump higher than you ever thought possible:

Jump technique

Does it feel like you could jump higher, but your body doesn’t ever seem to let you do it?

Does it feel like the timing is off in your jumps or your body doesn’t react quick enough, where people are always beating you to the punch?

We’re going to fix that by not only dramatically improving your overall jumping ability, but by targeting and training the specific modalities needed for jumping higher in your sport. And because your training is individualized for you and your sport, you’re going to start getting results fast. Results that you can use on the athletic field right away.

For you this means you can stop worrying about other athletes being able to jump higher than you, because they won’t be able to.

Does it feel like you are slow when you jump or that you lose jumping power as the game goes on?

When you compete, does it seem like other athletes have more “spring in their legs” than you or that their jumps are more powerful than yours?

Once we refine your jumping technique, we’re going to turn it into explosiveness and power. And we’re going to do that by using our proprietary jump training methods that will make your jumps quicker, allow your jumps to utilize your maximum kinesthetic power and allow you to jump repeatedly without loss of power.

What does this mean for you? Your jumps are going to be sudden, quick and strong…and you’ll be able to maintain this throughout the course of the game.

Jump explosion

Jump Height

Have you been trying to dunk a basketball for years, but you just can’t get high enough? Are you tired of watching athletes who are shorter than you jump higher than you?

Does it feel like if you could jump higher, you could finally get the playing time and recognition you deserve?

In this portion of Flight School, we’re going to teach you the kinesthetic secrets of jumping higher. It’s where we’ll take your new technique and explosiveness and turn them into measurable results. That means you’re going to see how much higher you are now jumping. And we’re going to do this through training developed specifically for your body and sport.

For you that means what you always thought was impossible with your jumping, will now be possible. And you’ll be jumping to heights that you never imaged you could.

Do You Recognize Any of These Names?

They Trained at Carlisle Performance Systems

We've Helped Over 1,000 Athletes Gain

Division 1 College Scholarships

Will You Be Next?

When it comes to any sport that requires jumping, the one common factor that separates elite athletes from everyone else is the height at which they can jump. This is the trait every coach covets and every competitor fears.

If you would like to be invited to join elite teams, if you would like to be a standout performer on an elite team, if you would like to receive letters and visits from college coaches and if you would like to feel the supreme confidence that comes with knowing that you can jump higher than everyone else, then you need to train for jumping performance in your sport.

And this is exactly what our Flight School will train you for. Pure jumping ability.

Better yet, we’re going to make you jump significantly higher in just 4 weeks…guaranteed.

It all starts with one decision from you. The decision to take our Jump Profile and join Flight School.

It’s a decision that can completely transform your performance on the field…AND YOUR VERY FUTURE! Start your transformation below.


Start Jumping Higher Than You Ever Thought Possible

Here's What To Do Next...

You MUST complete your Jump Profile before you can begin attending Flight School (please note that the Jump Profile counts as your first session in the school).

After completing your Jump Profile, we will make a personalized recommendation on a training program for you. Our programs vary between 4, 6 and 8 weeks, however you only need to attend any program just 2 days a week.

Your investment in our proprietary Jump Profile is just $99.

To get started right now, select the age of the athlete below, register for your Jump Profile and get ready to jump higher and further than you ever thought possible!

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IN-PERSON FLIGHT SCHOOL Training Dates and Times

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Training Locations

Have Questions? We Have Answers

Flight School is a specialized program to help athletes improve their vertical jump, approach jump, ability to get off the ground quickly and high.

The Flight School program starts with a Jump Profile, all athletes must attend the Jump Profile so that we can determine exactly what you need to work on in order to jump higher. It helps up to develop a program that is specific to your individual and sport needs.

Jump Training has become very popular. Most young athletes engage in jump training that is way too extensive for their level. It’s been known that when kids start a program that they are not ready for, they do not get better and they can get injured.

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 p.m.

1373 S. Bascom Ave. San Jose CA. A CP team member will meet with you in the lobby.

Please wear comfortable athletic apparel and comfortable shoes. Please bring plenty of water.

Take-home programs are program specific. Certain month-to-month programs do not include take-homes.

The capped athlete to coach ratio is one-to-four, though it is usually one-to-three.

Yes, masks are still required in our studio as it’s in a medical facility. Outside and at King’s Academy, masks are not required. We will update our guidelines as per state and local requirements as needed.

You have 2 hours prior to your training session. Otherwise the session will close.

Download the Carlisle Performance app from the App Store or Google Play and register with us using your email. You’ll be able to create profiles that are specific to each dependent you have and purchase packages for them individually. It is incredibly easy!