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“Coach Carlisle was my strength and conditioning coach my first 6 years in the NFL. As a rookie, he took me under his wing and helped me develop great training habits to improve nutrition, recovery, and athletic development. He was instrumental in motivating me to do the little things which have had a huge impact on my career”.
Frank Gore
NFL All-Time 8th leading rusher, 5-time Pro Bowler and 13-year veteran
“I’m a big believer in what Lightning Fast Training Systems can do. I first met Duane and the Lightning Fast team in 2014 when they began working with the NFL’s on-field game officials. What’s impressed me most in the three years we’ve worked with Duane and his staff is that they’ve taken the time to get to know us. They studied what we do as officials, how we move, and the physical demands we face every week when we take the field. They’ve used that knowledge to develop specific training plans, along with recovery and nutrition recommendations to help us perform at a high level. I’m convinced that Lightning Fast has helped us stay healthier so we can be at our best on the field”.
Ron Torbert (#62)
National Football League Referee and Attorney
“Duane Carlisle exemplifies excellence in Performance Training. He recognizes and understands the value of mental skills training in the development of champions. I highly recommend if you want to take your performance to the next level, take advantage of Coach Carlisle’s extensive training programs.”.
Pat Ivey, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Access and Leadership Development
“I have total confidence in Coach Carlisle when it comes to personal training. His knowledge in exercise science and motivational skills was critical to the longevity of my professional career”.
Bryant Young
Atlanta Falcons, Defensive Line Coach, NFL 1990s All-Decade Team & 5-time Pro Bowler Super Bowl Champion, NFL 14 year veteran
“Coach Carlisle demonstrated a unique ability to work around my injuries while making the training sessions fun, productive and efficient. I loved working with him”.
Trent Dilfer
ESPN NFL Analyst, Super Bowl Champion QB, 13-year NFL Veteran
"Working with Duane has taken our officiating program to the next level. Duane has provided tools and resources for our Game Officials covering the entire range of both physical and mental performance. With Duane, our staff is better equipped to handle the demands of officiating at the highest level of the sport, and it has shown in their performance”.
Dean Blandino
Senior Vice President of Officiating, NFL
“I have personally witnessed Coach Carlisle mentally and physically transform driven and focused individuals in a relatively short period of time. His training system and approach is perfect for a Business executive who is time challenged. He sessions are time efficient, challenging and highly effective.”.
Paraag Marathe
Chief Strategy Officer and EVP of Football Operations | San Francisco 49ers
“In the time I spent with Coach Carlisle I witnessed, not only his innate ability to demand excellence simply by his presence and demeanor, but also his ability to bring out the best in everyone around him. Time and again, I have seen him develop, not only athletes, but also young coaches who aspire to achieve the success that he has. He is invaluable to the field of strength and conditioning. I am truly blessed to call Duane a coach, mentor, and friend”.
Nicodemus Christopher
University of California Berkeley Head Performance Coach and former staff member
“Upon assuming my role as Vice President of Officiating at the Pac-12 Conference, Duane and Lightning Fast were brought on board to develop and launch similar programs for our officials. After two years, Pac-12 football officials have shown improvement in performance due to their participation in the Lightning Fast program. The true value of such an endeavor is measured by the customized structure of the program that addresses and meets the specific health, fitness and mobility requirements of a unique group of athletes – Division One college football officials. The program for baseball umpires was introduced in January 2017. The work that Duane and his organization have done for the Pac-12 is unique and the superior results have been excellent”.
F. David Coleman
Vice President of Officiating | Pac-12 Conference
“I’ve had the great opportunity to work with Coach Carlisle and believe he’s one of the most inspirational leaders I’ve been around. His passion and enthusiasm to bring out each athlete’s best is so admirable. What really makes Coach Carlisle stand out is his ability to incorporate character and leaderships skills as a part of performance. His fun, hardworking, and persuasive personality along with his expertise and experience make Coach Carlisle one of the best performance coaches in the industry.”.
Cathy Wright-Eger
John R. Wooden Leadership Institute Coordinator | Purdue University
“Duane and his team listened to our specific needs and put together an assessment and fitness program that meet those needs. Their execution and professionalism in implementing this program to a group that had never been exposed to such methods was right on the mark. The information gained and follow through will be a great tool to improve our fitness and performance on and off the field”.
Dave Yeast
Coordinator of Baseball Umpires PAC-12 Conference
“Duane is an initiative leader. His ability to clearly communicate and integrate sport science principles within a practical setting to a diverse range of individuals is a testament to what a great coach, leader and mentor Duane is”.
Dr. Tania Spiteri, PhD, ESSAM
Professor, Notre Dame University in Perth, Australia
“I have been lucky enough to know Duane Carlisle for over 30 years. My initial experience was with a young committed eighteen year old athlete eager to improve. I watched Duane grow into a speed coach, an entrepreneur and then a strength and conditioning coach. Along the journey Duane has remained humble, committed and curious. I am proud to call him a friend and a colleague”.
Mike Boyle
Internationally Renown Fitness, Strength and Conditioning Expert
“Both personally and professionally, Duane Carlisle is by far one of the greatest individuals I have ever had the privilege to know, work with, and learn from. While Coach Carlisle is a best in class athletic performance coach, it is his ability to connect, lead, and positively influence the lives of everyone he engages with that truly makes him special. For those looking to get the most out of themselves personally, professionally, psychologically, and physically, look no further than Coach Duane Carlisle”.
Dr. Nick Winkleman
Head of Athletic Performance and Science | Irish Rugby Football Union
“Coach Duane Carlisle and I have been close friends for 12 years. He is a student, continually adding to his unsurpassed body of knowledge; he has a unique ability to teach and to explain; most of all, he is a man of the highest moral and ethical character”.
Johnny Parker
3-time Super Bowl Champion Hall of Fame Strength and Conditioning Coach
“What sets him apart is his grasp of the full recipe needed for superior performance. When it comes to diet, I have consistently been impressed on the importance Coach Carlisle has placed on proper nutrition to help support performance goals. He seeks out highly experienced sports nutritionists to shed light on proper dietary habits for his athletes. The significance Coach Carlisle places on optimal nutrition just adds to the many tools he uses to help an athlete reach his or her full potential in sport and life”.
Dr. Cathy Saenz, PHD, RD
Sports Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist
“I’ve known Duane since he was 16 years old and we’ve maintained a close relationship throughout his professional career. One thing I know: he is extremely driven to help people achieve excellence and their goals”.
Mike Woicik
6-time Super Bowl Champion, Dallas Cowboys Strength and Conditioning Coach
“Middle-aged guys (like me) have very different fitness goals than elite athletes. Duane has developed a proven approach that dramatically improves mobility and flexibility, as well as increasing strength and endurance. Duane draws on vast knowledge and fits it exactly to your current level. You’ll see results..”.
Nick Gault
Business Owner, Software Development Company

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