Small Group Adult Fitness classes are designed to help you move better and feel healthier than ever before.

Each small group program is modified to your training level. Our program and our community will motivate and encourage you. Adult groups are available from one to three times a week depending on your needs and availability.

Each program is led from start to finish by a coach who will serve as your guide and motivation throughout the 45-minute session.

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The session begins with soft tissue work and movement quality with an emphasis on active stretching and muscle activation. A dynamic warm up into a plyometric circuit concludes the warmup and then we hit the training floor for three strength circuits incorporating multiplanar movements to ensure well-rounded strength.

You will always finish the hour with heart-healthy conditioning which can be anything from pushing sleds, to riding bikes, to treadmill runs.

At Carlisle Performance, we design and coach well-rounded programs to ensure health and longevity for our adult clients and athletes alike.

Our programs are led from start to finish by coaches who will show and tell you how to correctly execute your workout. With Carlisle Performance Personal Training, you’ll get the best in the Silicon Valley.

Why Carlisle Performance Small Group Training?

Socially-distanced training for the social butterfly.
COVID-19 has thrown us all for a loop. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get your social fitness on safely and wisely! Used to workout with your friends? Get them to sign up, too. The more, the merrier.

Unparalleled Expertise.
To be the best, you need the best. Benefit from our 25+ years in the performance fitness industry, with tens of thousands of athletes becoming part of the #CarlisleNation, all the way from middle school all the way up to the NFL! You get one of the few Master Strength & Conditioning Coaches in the nation, educated at one of the best sports science universities who’s also a speed coach, personal & leadership trainer. To boot, all Carlisle Performance trainers have been coached and developed to reflect that experience.


Science-based everything.
Assess, don’t guess! Everything we do, from our performance tests to body composition to nutrition are all based on one thing – the science. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to health. You won’t get automated, pre-made workouts with us. Every program is 100% customized to you, thoroughly researched. All in-person training begins with a Carlisle Athletic Profile, our proprietary fitness assessment. We evaluate and assess your current athletic ability so our Personal Training team knows exactly what we need to train for maximal results.

A one-stop-shop and hit all your goals.
Develop your whole self. Where else will you get a fitness plan, expert nutrition coaching, performance testing, body composition analysis, mindset training, leadership training and resilience training all in one place than with Carlisle Performance?

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Nutrition for the whole person.
You can combo your training with a Carlisle Performance Nutrition plan. With an in-house nutrition expert (who’s also a chef!), you’re guaranteed to get a meal plan that’s not only backed by science, but also delicious.

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You’re our passion project.
You want your coach to love what they do. Coach Carlisle is one of the few performance coaches who didn’t choose to get into the educational field with his expertise. He’s on that field, day in-day out because he felt a calling to truly improve people’s lives. The heart of Carlisle Performance is “make your best even better”, and it shows. The training you’ll get with us cares about all of you – mind, body and soul.

Who Carlisle Performance Small Group Training serves

The Recreational Athlete
Train like a professional athlete! You’ll benefit from world-class training techniques to shred fat, tone up and build muscle. Our professional coaches can periodize your training plan, so you can integrate your fitness priorities into your busy life. We have worked with all members of the public, from youth athletes to Silicon Valley CEO’s with crazy schedules. You’ll improve your speed and agility, conditioning level, flexibility, and core strength to feel and look your best and win the day.

COVID-19 worries?
We understand, which is why we’re offering 1-on-1 training virtually! Click here for our online programs.



We have single sessions or
packages of 4 and 6 sessions.


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