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We offer single sessions, as well as, packages of 4 and 6 sessions.


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Note: You must first purchase your Strength and Conditioning Class, fill out the new client intake form and then book the specific class you will attend. To book subsequent Strength and Conditioning Classes, click on returning client located under the Client menu on the home page.


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The Strength and Conditioning Classes are held at our Training Studio in San Jose.

We’ve seen it all. We’ve trained it all. From middle school all the way up to the Pros & Olympic athletes, there isn’t an athletic level we haven’t improved.

Our effective and efficient Strength and Conditioning classes fall under our “Athletic Development Academy” (ADA) umbrella. We offer semi-private training for Middle School, High School, and Collegiate athletes designed to teach your athlete how to train properly to minimize their risk of injury in a weight room and enhance their speed, strength, and power development.

Whether they’ve got their eye on an athletic scholarship, need expert help recovering from an injury, or want to bring their speed and agility to another level, Carlisle Performance will take them there with careful, customized guidance. The coach to athlete ratio for our Strength and Conditioning classes is 1:3, which ensures individual attention.

Every youth training program begins with the gold-standard athletic performance test, the Carlisle Athletic Profile. It’s a test you can’t get at the school gym. After setting up a baseline with the performance test, we’ll create a completely customized strength and conditioning to help your child maximize their athletic development and minimize their risk of injury. You then have the option of selecting a variety of packages to suit your budget.

Bonus: Any sessions you purchase can also be used interchangeably with our Speed Training classes i.e. the F.A.S.T School!

Enroll in The Bay Area’s top strength and conditioning program under the direction of Coach Carlisle, Collegiate Master Strength and Conditioning Coach. Your young athlete will be shaped by 25 years of coaching experience, with over 100,000 individual and team sessions.


How do I register for a training package for my sessions?

The easiest way to register is with our mobile app! Available on both iOS and Google Play, you can purchase additional training packages, see available training sessions and reserve your spot. You can also do all of that on our website.

Yes! Take advantage of our F.A.S.T. School at the new King’s Academy Speed Site, and you’re welcome to exchange any Athletic Development Academy session for a beginner or advanced F.A.S.T. School session. You still have to book your session and reserve your spot, so login to your account or use the app!

Our athletes are achieving their best results when they commit to training an average of 1.5 or 2 times per week. Training consistently like that results in all around improvements – speed, agility, quickness, strength, and power (including jumping).

During a trial session we want you to get the real deal! So you’ll experience an actual training session to get a feel for how the program works. 

Once you purchase a package, the first session will be an assessment so we have our baseline for where you’re at and can develop a program custom to your individual needs.

Coach Carlisle hasn’t just coached athletes at all levels (from youth to professional), he’s also coached thousands of coaches at those levels.

No matter if Coach Carlisle is present at your training session (which he tries to be at them all!), you’ll be receiving some of the premier coaching in the Silicon Valley from each of the coaches at Carlisle Performance.

Members get a 10% discount (requires 3 month commitment to receive discount). It’s also our most popular payment choice.

By signing on as a member, it lets us know you’re just as committed as we are and we want to reward that! It also makes it easier to get up to the 6 or 8 session package to achieve maximal results. Even with the membership, you’re free to cancel at any time (providing a 7-day notice) and we’ll opt you out of your membership.

If you’re registered for an Athletic Development Academy training package and only sessions from other levels are available, you can absolutely still sign up! We limit the training sessions to 4-6 athletes so with 2 or 3 coaches available, we’ll be able to accommodate another level and ensure your child meets their training needs.

If you end up getting waitlisted for class, a Carlisle Performance coach will get with you as soon as we confirm availability and let you know if you can attend that class.

While we send most of our athletes home with exercises and areas of focus for when they’re not training with us, we do not send individualized programs home as part of the training package. If you’re interested in a take-home program for an additional cost, let a Carlisle Performance Coach know and we’ll begin the programming!

The capped athlete ratio is one coach to four athletes.

As it stands with our current system, we’ve been even more personalized with one coach for every two to three athletes per session.

YES! We’d love to see you experience the Academy. You still have to book your session and reserve your spot, so login to your account or use the app!

Coach Carlisle has conducted over 10,000 speed sessions and has worked with athletes at every level of competition. Given the uniqueness of the CPP Speed Profile we’ll be generating for you, your plan will be specific to your needs for improving game speed.

You can book either through our app or logged in online right here at our website. Top right corner with your username and password 🙂

At our Strength and Power Facility in San Jose, the programs are focused on developing strength, power, flexibility, mobility, short area quickness and ultimately improving ability to move from point A to point B. The coach to athlete ratio is at most one to four which allows for individual attention while working with our state-of-the-art equipment.

At Kings Academy, we have 4,000 square yards of turf to operate our F.A.S.T. (Functional Athletic Speed Training) programs. As the name implies, those programs are speed intensive, working on linear speed, long speed, top speed, and multi-directional movement with the goal of improving overall game speed. Kings Academy is also where we conduct our assessments.

Currently the program times for Kings Academy are limited.

Most booking difficulties occur when booking a session that takes place that day. Within one hour of a session you’re unable to book a session online, but you can call us at 609-638-1200 to check immediate availability for that session.

Coach Carlisle is a national leader in the performance field and draws on his 25+ years of experience coaching at every level to product a training system individualized for you. Our scientific approach using state-of-the-art technology and equipment (e.g. force plates) provides us the ability to dial in on exactly what you need, and get you results at every level.

You’ll need to create an account for both yourself and your child and you must book training sessions via your child’s account.

Yes, we encourage you to bring in friends, teammates, and colleagues.