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Note: Our Personal Training rates may vary based on the Personal Trainer you select and whether the Training session is conducted at our Training Studio or your home.


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Why Carlisle Performance Personal Training?

Unparalleled Expertise.
To be the best, you need the best. Benefit from our 25+ years in the performance fitness industry, with tens of thousands of athletes becoming part of the #CarlisleNation, all the way from middle school all the way up to the NFL! You get one of the few Master Strength & Conditioning Coaches in the nation, educated at one of the best sports science universities who’s also a speed coach, personal & leadership trainer. To boot, all Carlisle Performance trainers have been coached and developed to reflect that experience.


Science-based everything.
Assess, don’t guess! From our performance tests to body composition to nutrition, everything we do is all based on one thing – science. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to health. You won’t get automated, pre-made workouts with us. Every program is 100% customized to you, thoroughly researched. All in-person training begins with a Carlisle Athletic Profile, our proprietary fitness assessment. We evaluate and assess your current athletic ability so our Personal Training team knows exactly what we need to train for maximal results.

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Nutrition for the whole person.
You can combo your training with a Carlisle Performance Nutrition plan. With an in-house nutrition expert (who’s also a chef!), you’re guaranteed to get a meal plan that’s not only backed by science but also delicious.

Who Carlisle Performance Personal Training serves

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The Professional Athlete
Raise your game, get faster, quicker and more explosive on the field. Coach Carlisle’s professional industry experience is expansive and practically unparalleled, including but not limited to:

The Recreational Athlete
Train like a professional athlete! You’ll benefit from world-class training techniques to shred fat, tone up, and build muscle. Our professional coaches can periodize your training plan so that you can integrate your fitness priorities into your busy life. We have worked with all public members, from youth athletes to Silicon Valley CEOs with crazy schedules. You’ll improve your speed and agility, conditioning level, flexibility, and core strength to feel and look your best and win the day.

The Middle School & High School Athlete
D-1 scholarship hopeful? Train like the athlete you want to be with us. Whether you’re in middle school or about to graduate high school, you will benefit from a fitness performance center that can prepare you physically and provide adversity training to make you mentally tough. We’ll advise you on how to handle coaches, teammates, the intricacies of college sport dynamics, and how to be a leader in that sport.

COVID-19 worries?
We understand, which is why we’re offering 1-on-1 training virtually! Click here for our online programs.

Personal Training for Competitive & Recreational Athletes.

Now, more than ever, being healthy matters. Whether you are a competitive or recreational athlete, our elite Personal Trainers are ready to coach you in your home, at the CP Studio or at a site of your choice.

Make your best even better – whatever that looks like for you.

Demand is enormous – don’t miss out and book NOW!

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How long are the training sessions good for after purchase?

30 days is our standard policy – you have one month from purchase to utilize your sessions, unless given written approval for extenuating circumstances by Coach Carlisle. Don’t worry though, our athletes who see the best results train an average of 1.5-2x per week, so you’ll have no problem using your sessions!

The easiest way to register is with our mobile app! Available on both iOS and Google Play, you can purchase additional training packages, see available training sessions and reserve your spot. You can also do all of that on our website.

Our athletes are achieving their best results when they commit to training an average of 1.5 or 2 times per week. Training consistently like that results in all around improvements – speed, agility, quickness, strength, and power (including jumping).

During a trial session we want you to get the real deal! So you’ll experience an actual training session to get a feel for how the program works. 

Once you purchase a package, the first session will be an assessment so we have our baseline for where you’re at and can develop a program custom to your individual needs.

If you’re registered for an Athletic Development Academy training package and only sessions from other levels are available, you can absolutely still sign up! We limit the training sessions to 4-6 athletes so with 2 or 3 coaches available, we’ll be able to accommodate another level and ensure your child meets their training needs.

If you end up getting waitlisted for class, a Carlisle Performance coach will get with you as soon as we confirm availability and let you know if you can attend that class.

Yes, we do! For an additional charge, we can come to your home or meet you at a site of your choosing.

Note: With the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in San Jose, we will be increasing our at-home training availability to help reduce the spread.

Sure do! We offer semi-private training for group of up to four.

Just contact us for information on rates and program structure.

The first step is establishing your goals of the program and getting your baseline assessments (such as your InBody body composition measurement). From there we’ll develop a program specific and unique to you to help you reach your goals.

You may book your personal training sessions with your Carlisle Performance Coach based on your mutually agreed upon schedule. From there you can book and track your personal training sessions online or on our app.

You can book either through our app or logged in online right here at our website. Top right corner with your username and password 🙂

Most booking difficulties occur when booking a session that takes place that day. Within one hour of a session you’re unable to book a session online, but you can call us at 609-638-1200 to check immediate availability for that session.

Yes, we encourage you to bring in friends, teammates, and colleagues.

Yes! Our off-site personal training allows for us to socially distance at a location of your choosing.