Virtual Training

World-Class Online Personal Training

Carlisle Performance is excited to offer Online Personal Training for Youth Athletes and Adult Fitness delivered by our Virtual Trainers within the comfort and security of your own home. Our stay-at-home workouts are challenging, fun, and highly effective.

Virtual Fitness Classes-At Home

  • The training sessions are conducted in real-time by our Virtual Personal Trainers.
  • All of our classes are structured in a Circuit Training format and are broadcast using Zoom.
  • Minimal to no equipment required.
  • You will feel the energy of the Virtual Personal Trainer and connection with other participants just like in-class.
    *Purchase a Single Session or package of 4 Sessions.
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Online Personal Training

  • Customized Personal Training plans based on goals and equipment.
  • We build your plan together with a 30 min Kickoff video call.
  • 30, 45, or 60 min. Virtual Training Session options available live via Zoom.
  • We stay on top of your fitness goals with check-in text messages.
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Why Carlisle Performance Online Training?

Unparalleled Expertise.
To be the best, you need the best. Benefit from our 25+ years in the performance fitness industry, with tens of thousands of athletes becoming part of the #CarlisleNation, all the way from middle school all the way up to the NFL! You get one of the few Master Strength & Conditioning Coaches in the nation, educated at one of the best sports science universities who’s also a speed coach, personal & leadership trainer. To boot, all Carlisle Performance trainers have been coached and developed to reflect that experience.

A network at your fingertips.
With 25 years in the performance industry (both public and private), you get to know the best. You’ll benefit from an enormous professional network of coaches, trainers and experts.

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Nutrition for the whole person.
You can combo your training with a Carlisle Performance Nutrition plan. With an in-house nutrition expert (who’s also a chef!), you’re guaranteed to get a meal plan that’s not only backed by science, but also delicious.

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You’re our passion project.
You want your coach to love what they do. Coach Carlisle is one of the few performance coaches who didn’t choose to get into the educational field with his expertise. He’s on that field, day in-day out because he felt a calling to truly improve people’s lives. The heart of Carlisle Performance is “make your best even better”, and it shows. The training you’ll get with us cares about all of you – mind, body and soul.

Who Carlisle Performance Virtual Training serves

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The Professional Athlete
Raise your game, get faster, quicker and more explosive on the field. Coach Carlisle’s professional industry experience is expansive and practically unparalleled, including but not limited to:

  • National Football League, Fitness Coach, NFL Officials (2014-present)
  • San Francisco 49ers, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach (2005-11)
  • Philadelphia Eagles, Speed Development Coach (2000-2005)
  • Philadelphia Charge, Strength & Conditioning Coach-Women’s Soccer (2001-03)
  • New Jersey Pride, Strength & Conditioning Coach-Lacrosse (2003-04)
  • Tampa Bay Rays, Speed Development Coordinator-Baseball (97-99)

The Recreational Athlete
Train like a professional athlete! You’ll benefit from world-class training techniques to shred fat, tone up and build muscle. Our professional coaches can periodize your training plan, so you can integrate your fitness priorities into your busy life. We have worked with all members of the public, from youth athletes to Silicon Valley CEO’s with crazy schedules. You’ll improve your speed and agility, conditioning level, flexibility, and core strength to feel and look your best and win the day.

The Youth Athlete
D-1 scholarship hopeful? Train like the athlete you want to be with us. Whether you’re in middle school or about to graduate high school, you will benefit from a fitness performance center that can not only prepare you physically, but also provide adversity training to make you mentally tough. We’ll give you advice on how to handle coaches, teammates, the intricacies of college sport dynamics and how to be a leader in that sport.


If I’m currently enrolled in a class (which is now suspended due to the coronavirus), can I use that class for an online training session?

Unfortunately, no. In person training sessions are not transferable to online.

Yes! You will receive thorough instructions prior to your first session.

Download Zoom here. We will send you the secure login information in follow up emails. 

We suggesting that you have a 4×4 foot space available, preferably next to a wall (for speed drills).

You have a 30 minute window before your session begins to cancel, or you will be billed for the full session.

Your onboarding call will be with Coach Carlisle initially, to make sure you get the skill set and personality that best jives with you.

Then, based on his recommendation, he will pair you with one to two of our coaches for you to have a chat with.

Then, you can make your selection from there.