Sports Nutrition for Youth Athletes; ep. #12

On today’s show, we’re diving into strategies around two things I love to talk about: youth athletes and sports nutrition! I’ve brought on Dr. Cathy Saenz, RD and assistant professor at Jacksonville University, to walk us through some great strategies for achieving optimal nutrition for youth athletes. Feeding them requires knowledge and planning. Not only do they need optimal nutrition for fueling and recovery from training, but they also must meet energy demands of growth and maturation. Dr. Saenz provides actionable steps to help your youth athlete refuel with the nutrients they need by focusing on family mealtimes before and after practice or game day.

You and I both know sports nutrition is key to performing well and yet, proper nutrition can be an afterthought. This episode is loaded with very doable strategies that I want you to consider using to help your child develop healthy habits around food. 

Nutrition Tips Covered

1. How and when to properly hydrate

2. How to choose high-quality proteins

3. The negative implications of sugar.

4. Cultural differences in food and how to address their nutrition needs 

5. Pre, During and Postgame fueling strategies

6. How to fuel for power athletes vs endurance athletes.

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