Importance of Routines

As a personal trainer for the athletes of Silicon Valley as well as a few Fortune 500 CEOs, I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by some very successful individuals. In addition to Carlisle Performance Systems here in the Bay Area, I’ve also trained the highest level sport referees and thousands of collegiate athletes. 

Drawing on experience with all of them, I’ve carefully dissected the routines of the most successful and learned the five areas where they’re the most disciplined. Helping your young athlete find healthy routines surrounding these five areas will set them up for success in not only their sport of choice, but also in life. 

1. Sleep – growth requires recovery (both body and mind). 

2. School – procrastination = STRESS!

3. Nutrition – you can’t out-train bad nutrition

4. Preparation – feeding your skill set

5. Competition day – successful pros have this dialed in

The old saying “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” rings true for routines! Failing to establish healthy routines creates unnecessary stressors for your young athletes. My wife is amazing for many reasons, but speaking to this topic, she established a ‘no phones after 9pm’ rule for our children as part of a healthy evening routine to prepare for bed. 

As parents of young athletes we can do wonders for our children’s success by helping establish healthy routines in these five areas. 

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