Personal Training: Coach Carlisle

The Athlete Membership

Enjoy the best of both worlds with access to the Studio and online training.

  • Save 5-10% off each training session.
  • Any sessions you purchase can also be used interchangeably with our Speed Training classes at the F.A.S.T School or Speed, Power, and Explosion class at the Studio!
  • All athletes are provided with a weekly take-home program through the Carlisle App
  • Parents will receive Coach Carlisle’s video tips on recruiting, nutrition, and how to help your athlete overcome adversity.
  • No long-term contract—freeze or cancel anytime after a 3-month commitment

The Pay as you go option*

Your training program is designed to meet your individual needs based on the results of the Carlisle Athletic profile.

All Carlisle Performance Coaches offer COMPLIMENTARY 15 minute private, virtual or in-person consultations.

The coaches’ rates range from $100 to $150 per session, with $125 being our average per session. This information will be disclosed during your initial consultation, as many coaches base their rates on each client’s individual needs.