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We Work With Middle-School, High-School and College Students, Professional and Olympic Athletes and Business Executives
We've Helped Over 1,000 Athletes Achieve Division 1 College Scholarships

The training programs at Carlisle Performance Systems are tailored to help you achieve your specific goals, whether that be speed, jumping, explosiveness, nutrition, recovery, longevity or overall fitness. To begin transforming your performance and your life, pick your goal below:

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My name is Duane Carlisle, the founder of Carlisle Performance Systems. And you’re here because you want to get faster than your competition, jump higher than your opponents, become more explosive in your sport or get your body into peak condition without wasting time.

And my team will make that happen for you. Of course, that’s what every gym, personal trainer and coach out there is going to tell you.

So what makes us any different? Well, how about I share with you my background, so you can see why world-class athletes in over 20 sports seek out Carlisle Performance Systems for their personal training.

Former Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the San Francisco 49er's
Former Director of Sports Performance at Purdue University overseeing the training for 500 Student-Athletes in over 16 different sports
Former Speed Coach for the Philadelphia Eagles
Former Speed Development Coordinator for the Tampa Bay Rays
Former Sprints and Jump Coach at Penn State University
Former Head Strength and Conditiong Coach for the Philadelphia Charge (pro soccer)
Currently serves as the exclusive Physical Preparation consultant for the National Football League (NFL) Officiating Department (9 years)
Former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the New Jersey Pride (pro lacrosse)
Former Head Strength and Conditiong Coach for the prestigious Lawrenceville School in New Jersey.
Master of Science degree in Exercise Science from Edith Cowan University, Perth Australia
Master Strength and Conditioning Coach through The Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Association.
Featured speaker at training conferences world-wide and have trained thousands of strength and conditioning coaches
“I have total confidence in Coach Carlisle when it comes to personal training. His knowledge in exercise science and motivational skills was critical to the longevity of my professional career”
Bryant Young
Bryant Young
NFL Hall of Famer
"Coach Carlisle helped me develop great training habits in nutrition and recovery. He was instrumental in motivating me to do the little things which had a huge impact on my career”
Frank Gore
Frank Gore
3rd All-Time Rusher, NFL
“Coach Carlisle demonstrated a unique ability to work around my injuries while making the training sessions fun, productive and efficient. I loved working with him”.
Trent Dilfer
Trent Dilfer
Super Bowl Champion

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We've Helped Over 1,000 Athletes Achieve Division 1 College Scholarships

Carlisle Performance Systems has successfully trained thousands of young athletes, collegiate athletes, professional and Olympic athletes and business executives.

From Super Bowl champions to high performing business executives and CEO’s , we have transformed the lives and careers of our clients.

But we’re not just about world-class athletes or famous names. We train athletes of all ages and in all sports, from middle-school, high-school, college and more.

Join us today and become part of Carlisle Nation. Discover for yourself how we’ll transform your performance and health.