Morian Walker

Since I’ve joined the Carlisle Performance team as a Performance Coach, my knowledge on the science behind performance training has improved tremendously.

Coming from a highly decorated sports history, I am now using the science based knowledge that I have learned under Carlisle Performance and throughout my athletic career, to help athletes achieve their individual goals as well as make their best even better.

I am extremely infatuated by the nuances of sports and the progressions that athletes make when they decide to put the proper work in with consistency.

Athletes vary in numerous ways, which means each skill set will differ from the rest. As a sports-specific performance trainer is it my duty to make sure an athlete is getting the proper mechanics, strength, and speed that will allow them to perform at their optimal level.

I am very passionate about the progression of my athletes as people, as well as players in their own respective sports.

I firmly believe that the lessons learned through athletics, propel individuals into understanding how the real world works, while giving them a head start into other opportunities that life has to offer!

College: Utah State University Football, University of Nevada, Reno Football

Energetic, Insightful, Encouraging

The Mamba Mentality is a mindset for constant self-improvement in the pursuit of your highest potential in life. -Kobe Bryant

Strength and Power Development. Linear Speed, Multi-Directional Movement, Sport Specific Program Design, Comprehensive Approach to Training, Nutrition and Lifestyle