Montez Hunter, BS

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Growing up a three-sport athlete, my competitive nature developed at an early age. So much so that I even played football partially deaf before my stubbornness gave way to wearing my hearing aids in high school.

Because of that, I learned body awareness and perception in a way that I think lends itself well to coaching athletes.

When you’re operating on 4.5 senses out of 5 on the playing field, it takes a certain ingenuity and tenacity to remain competitive.

That’s what I aim to instill in each of my athletes and clients with each training session we do.

Laser Focused, Encouraging and Knowledgable

“Don’t count the training session, make the training session count."

High School - Football, Basketball and Track. College - Football

Injury Prevention, Multi-Directional Movement, Fat Loss, Mobility and Flexibility, Post Rehabilitation, Vertical Jump Training