Malik Zaire

What’s up family?! My name is Malik Zaire I am the founder and CEO of Lefty Inc. the official QB consulting partner of Carlisle Performance. During my 15+ years of experience at the quarterback position I’ve learned one thing. It’s about knowing the right people to provide you with the information to help you succeed on the field. I’ll provide you with proven successful systems and tools that will give you confidence in your game to self-correct, identify your strengths and weaknesses, hone in on making the game simple so you can play fast and efficient, and teaching you how prepare week to week like the great QBs do today. These systems will propel you past your peers and create a love for the game that will give you bountiful success in your career! Let’s rock!

Problem solver, truth teller, life systems engineer

"I am a champion, I have fights to win, opponents to conquer"

High school: basketball, football
College: football, professional football

Knowledge of resources, tools and information to identify what you can add to your game to achieve success. Total body mind Spirit transformation