Julius Acuna, BS

Every gym has the coach who’s the energizer bunny – that’s me!

I’m a high energy, high intensity kind of guy, with a seemingly endless supply of energy and enthusiasm. Maybe it’s my love of music that keeps me going – if I wasn’t a coach, I’d put my dance skills to use as a backup dancer for my guy, JT (that’s Justin Timberlake for the not musically inclined)! I keep my moves fresh just in case he ever calls.

I specialize in High Intensity Interval Training and developing explosive athletes, which makes sense given my high energy!

Because each of the coaches at Carlisle performance have our own specialty and expertise, we’re able to bring it all together for comprehensive training to all our athletes and clients here in the Silicon Valley. If you’re like me – a ball of energy – come train with me and see if you can keep up!

All my energy leftover after training you goes to my gorgeous wife Kendy and beautiful daughter Jesella. They’re my world and it’s their love for me that allows me to pursue my passion coaching at Carlisle Performance. Come see about training with me, I’ll get you to your limits, and then through them!

Super Encouraging, Challenging and Precise

“Progress over Perfection"


Nutrition and Lifestyle, Body Composition Athletic Development, Transformation, Goal Setting, Adherence, and Accountability Pre/Post Natal, Functional Strength Development, Body Sculpting