Jonah Moore, BS

As one of the Strength Coaches with Carlisle Performance, I’m still settling in with this fantastic group of coaches.

I come to CPS with an exercise science degree, a few certifications (all listed below), and best of all – an eternal student’s mentality. I’ve always been a book worm, soaking up all the knowledge I can, and now with the opportunity to train you, I’m able to put it all to good use!

I enjoy the nuances that come with training each of my athletes and clients as individuals. No two people are the same in their goals, strengths, or weaknesses, so I get to help with the challenge of designing the road map to get you to your performance destination.

As a former collegiate football player myself, I got to experience both the group training approach and the individual approach so I can draw on those lessons to help maximally and efficiently train you toward your goals.

Speed and general weightlifting are my areas of expertise, and they also fall under my hobbies (along with reading and pick up basketball).

But as simple as that sounds, you won’t have to worry about having simple or boring training sessions with me as your Strength Coach. I’m a master of change and adaptation, probably most evident by attending three different universities in a span of 12 months, so I’ll always keep you on your toes!

Positive, Challenging and Relational

“Everybody has a plan until they get hit” - Mike Tyson

High School - Football and Track. College - Football

Strength and Power Development. Linear Speed, Multi-Directional Movement, Sport Specific Program Design, Comprehensive Approach to Training, Nutrition and Lifestyle