Coach Shereese Carlisle


Coach Shereese Carlisle

Nutrition coach Shereese is a graduate of Princeton University with a degree in Psychology and holds a Master’s degree from Northwestern University with a degree in Clinical Psychology.

She also graduated from culinary school and is a Chef. In addition, she is a Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach.

Her unique background allows her to address the compelling challenges we face with food, weight, body image, overeating and all of our metabolic concerns.

As a nutrition coach, her unique skill set taps into the psychology of the eater – the heart, mind and soul dimensions of what it means to truly nourish one’s body and being which in turn helps her clients breakthrough and attain their wellness goals.

Mrs. Carlisle recently worked directly with over 20 PAC 12 Football Officials over a 6 month span to help each of them lose significant body fat and make lifestyle changes which resulted in overall health improvement and better lifestyle fulfillment!

She will help you with food selection, food preparation and portion control.

Most of all she will help you establish long lasting nutrition habits that will fuel your training in our programs!

Coach Shereese's


* Princeton University (Psychology)
* Northwestern University (Clinical Psychology)
* Professional Culinary Institute (Silicon Valley)

* Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach

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Coaching Identity

Inquisitive and Great Listener

Coach Shereese's


Food, body image, over-eating issues & metabolic concerns.