Coach Peter Ponce


Coach Peter Ponce

I am a Strength and Conditioning coach who joined the CPS team in 2021. I focus on athletic development & general population training. In addition, I have been a Strength and Conditioning Coach for various football programs in Southern California & completed my internship at San Jose State working with Football, Track, & Baseball.

Interesting fact: I enjoy cooking on my spare time. I believe that nutrition is just as important as training. When athletes combine good nutrition & great training it becomes a recipe for success.

Outside of coaching I enjoy helping others and finding ways to empower my community in Southern California. I hope to start a non-profit organization to provide resource for my hometown.

Coach Peter

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Coaching Identity

High Energy, Positive and Encouraging

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“The highest human act is to inspire”- Nipsey Hussle

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High School- Football, Baseball, and Track

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Developing athletes and helping individuals reach their full potential

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Coach Peter

✅ Your investment in your personal training with Coach Peter Ponce ranges from $70 to $120 per session (depending on your session length), with a 4 session minimum

✅ Sessions are available in 30, 45 and 55 minute blocks and take place in-person at Carlisle Performance Systems.

✅ You can only book personal training sessions with Coach Peter if you are an existing client. If you are a new client, you must first complete a CAP assessment before booking any personal training.



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