Christina Specos, MSc

Christina Specos has been a certified athletic trainer and strength and conditioning coach since 2002, and working in fitness since 1999!
She was born in Philadelphia, PA and spent many years living in New Jersey before entering collegiate strength and conditioning in 2011 at Purdue University in Indiana where she worked directly with women’s basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, golf and cheerleading. In June 2018, it was time for a change – and Miami Beach it was!

Christina is highly regarded by her peers as an industry leader, educator, resource and influencer. Her passion is to help others to elevate their bodies and minds – whether the athlete, general population or fellow colleagues. A sucker for continuing education, she has tackled numerous certifications, making her background very diverse and unique. 
Her approach to fitness and performance training is very holistic, emphasizing the importance of working on everything from joint mobility to nutrition, mental techniques and recovery strategies as well as all the hard stuff!

Christina is also a Teacher Trainer with Pilates Plus at SoBe Pilates in Miami Beach, FL training others to become Pilates teachers and preparing them to sit for the National Pilates Certification Test.

A dog mom and coffee freak, Christina resides in Miami Beach.Her latest accomplishment in 2019 was turning pro as a women’s physique competitor with the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness).

When she’s not out training and preparing for figure competitions, she’s most likely to be spotted at the dog park, a coffee shop or obsessively scrolling and being silly on her Instagram stories! Come join the laughs here on instagram:  @ChristinaSpecos