How to Choose the Right Speed Coach

Mike Woicik Dallas Cowboys

I have been blessed to work with many elite Speed Coaches in sports, ranging from Soccer to Lacrosse and many more.

I’m also a parent of children who are athletes and has been coached by some outstanding speed and conditioning coaches. Though, I would have fired a few on the spot if they were on my staff list!

Here are three essential characteristics which a Speed Coach should possess before working with your child.

A great speed coach cares

Athletes don’t know how much you know until they know how much you care! 

I learned this valuable lesson from my collegiate track coach, Mark Reytblat. He consistently demonstrated to me that he cared about my well being as a person.

He would always ask me how my family was doing, how my days were going and showed a genuine interest in me as an individual. As a result, I would run through a brick wall for the guy because I knew that he was investing in me rather than seeing me as a means to an end.

A great speed coach is a life teacher

The great coaches do not look at a competition as life or death.

Instead, a speed coach points to the life lessons that are learned from a game or practice. They merely are always asking the question; Did the game teach you anything today? What did you learn about yourself? Is there anything to improve upon to get better? The great coaches realize that an athlete must go inward to improve their outward performance.

A great speed coach will always give & demand the best

A great coach will never cheat you! They will always strive to provide you with everything they have to help you become a better person and athlete.

Equally, as important, they will always demand your best. You want a speed coach that is not satisfied with you being “okay”. A great Speed Coach does not accept mediocrity and sets the expectation for excellence, no matter how one feels.

Bottom line, a great Speed Coach is going to bring his/her “A” game and expects the same from you.

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