Athletic Performance Testing

Why Carlisle Performance Athletic Testing?

Not all athletic performance tests are the same. You need a comprehensive and adaptive assessment that is data-driven and time-tested. Become an unstoppable athlete by discovering your baseline with a Carlisle Athletic Profile (CAP), the gold-standard in Athletic Performance testing in the San Jose area.

The Carlisle Athletic Profile is an accurate and unbiased high-tech, science-based fitness assessment, all measured with the industry’s best equipment and tools.

If you want to know where your fitness currently stands, purchase a Carlisle Athletic Profile fitness assessment today.

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Sample Carlisle Athletic Profile


Middle School Assessment



High School Assessment



Important: An Athletic Performance Test (Carlisle Athletic Profile or CAP) is included in all in-person programs and is completed during your first session. If you’ve purchased a Strength & Conditioning or Personal Training Package, please log into your account to schedule your test. Do not purchase an additional one here.

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What does the assessment identify?

We will identify what your weakest link is to help improve your overall athletic performance and reduce risk of injury. For example, our speed assessment will test change of direction mechanics, running mechanics, acceleration and top-end speed.

The CAP is retested every 4 weeks. It will occur in another booked session, but will not take the entire session. There is also no additional fee.

We test both individuals and teams. We can even add tests if you have a specific testing requirement for your team.

You’ll receive a login and password to view your results within 48 hours. Another cool feature we offer is longitudinal viewing – meaning if you test every six weeks (as we recommend) you’ll be able to see your test results over time so track your progress and compare some before and after results.

We do not provide normative data because our emphasis for all our assessments is for you as an individual. Everything we do is custom-to-you based on your starting points and your strengths and weaknesses.

It is completed in the first session and takes approximately 55 minutes. CAP’s are done on Monday & Thursday nights for F.A.S.T Speed Training School & Strength & Conditioning Classes to help you plan accordingly.

Please do not eat anything 2 hours before your CAP.

Please log into your account with us and select a Monday or Thursday night between 6-7pm to book your athletic test.