How does the registration process work for F.A.S.T. School?

F.A.S.T. School is a four-week program, so we recommend registering for all four sessions.

They’re progressive in nature and will build upon each other. If you can’t commit to all four sessions, there is what we call a “drop-in” option where you can choose a session ahead of time to drop in on.

To get a taste for the full F.A.S.T. School, we offer a one-time intro session to experience what it’s like training with Carlisle Performance. While you will go through an actual training session, the intro class does not include the CPP Speed Profile.

Created by coach Duane Carlisle, the CPP Speed Profile is a culmination of his 25+ years of coaching experience, combined with the science of objective measurement to determine your limiting factors. We use top-of-the-line and state-of-the-art testing equipment to generate a profile unique and specific to you.

The Basic F.A.S.T. School begins with the CPP Speed Profile and then three subsequent sessions to learn the basics of running mechanics, lateral movement, and multi-directional movement. After completing the Basic F.A.S.T. School, you automatically move on to the Advanced F.A.S.T. School where you’ll continue learning advanced techniques for maximal speed development. These advanced techniques include things such as progression to reaction, game speed, plyometrics, advanced resistance training, functional resistance training.

No matter which assessment and profile you choose, we will identify what your athlete’s weakest link is to help them improve their overall athletic performance. In addition, we’ll be able to identify your athlete’s strongest links are so we can make the strong stronger.

In essence, the tests are a composite of a certain athletic development skill, which can provide both coaches and the athlete with information to help improve overall performance.

The Carlisle Athletic Assessment & Profile (CAP) is the most comprehensive assessment we have. It includes the testing metrics from each of the three subset assessments (Speed, Jump, and Fitness), culminating in a comprehensive profile of the entire athlete.

The Lightning Fast Speed Assessment & Profile measures acceleration, top end speed, change of direction and asymmetries which may be present between right and left sides.

The Lightning Fast Jump Assessment & Profile measures how fast and explosive you are, how quickly you get off the ground, how high you jump, and any right/left asymmetries while jumping.

The Fitness Assessment & Profile is Carlisle Performance’s upgraded version of the standard fitness tests. Not only do we include the usual fitness assessments like push ups and pull ups, but we measure body composition and conduct a movement assessment as well.

There are also the sports-specific profiles that have different metrics pertaining to the sport.

We recommend testing every six weeks as a way to gauge whether the program you’re doing is improving performance. At Carlisle Performance we assess, we don’t guess.

Our programs are backed by science and get results, so we love assessment time. It’s where you get to show off your gains!

If you’re not yet training with us, you can still come in for an assessment every six weeks to ensure the training you’re doing is as effective as it can be.

We test both individuals and teams. We can even add tests if you have a specific testing requirement for your team.

You’ll receive a login and password to view your results within 48 hours. Another cool feature we offer is longitudinal viewing – meaning if you test every six weeks (as we recommend) you’ll be able to see your test results over time so track your progress and compare some before and after results.

We do not provide normative data because our emphasis for all our assessments is for you as an individual. Everything we do is custom-to-you based on your starting points and your strengths and weaknesses.

We conduct assessments at the beginning of a training program, which you’ll be able to see those results.

Then we typically conduct another assessment after six weeks to show the progress that’s been made.

With our high testing standards, we provide objective data which demonstrates the performance data gained while part of a Carlisle Performance training program.

An insanely-fast 45 SECONDS.

This is one of the most comprehensive, time-tested body composition tests available. You will get precise measurements and data-points covering much more than just your body fat and lean mass.

Do not eat 2-3 hours prior to the beginning of the test.

Do not exercise 2-3 hours prior to the beginning of the test.

We recommend testing every 4-6 weeks depending on your goals.

Yes! You will find out what your Basal Metabolic Rate is during the test. Knowing your BMR will help you decide a plan of action when it comes to “calories in, calories out”, depending on your goal of either muscle gain or fat loss.