about carlisle performance systems

We make your best even better

This simple but powerful phrase is at the heart of Carlisle Performance Systems

Regardless of where you are on your journey and what your goals are, we’ll bring our best to bring yours out.

But first, we want to share how we grew to where we are today.

Our Story

Carlisle Performance Systems (Lightning Fast Training Systems) was founded in 1994 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, by Coach Duane Carlisle. He is the current Fitness Coach for the National Football League’s Officials and is the former Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the San Francisco 49ers. “Coach” trains CEOs in Silicon Valley, strength and conditioning coaches, and youth through professional athletes in the Bay Area.

We started as the first full-time sports performance facility in the tri-state area (Philadelphia, Delaware & New Jersey).

At the time, sports training was not “en vogue.” We pride ourselves in being the real attention-to-the-industry trailblazers to all of the different areas where athletes could literally improve their game.

Additionally, there was very little focus given to “coaches for coaches,” that is, no one was really training a coach on how to be a better one.

Seeing this opportunity, I (Coach Carlisle) ended up writing for a local paper (that had about 100k in circulation) called “Coach Duane Carlisle’s Strength & Conditioning Corner.”

Every week, I’d write about different aspects of speed and agility training for various ground-based sports.

We went from having one training center to two in 1999 and a third in 2000. During those years, we served over 15,000 athletes.

Eventually, we decided to move to San Jose to serve a unique youth and high school athletes’ unique demographic. We wanted to provide a solution that offered consistent and measurable results-(Carlisle Athletic Profile) on the playing field.

I’ve seen generations of athletes & followed them into the professional field. To boot, I’ve been all over the country, speaking at strength & conditioning conferences.

Below are our core values – we demand as much of ourselves as we do of you! We promise to uphold these values with every interaction, training session, and everything we do.

Our Core Values